Volunteer Help

Volunteer Help

We have a number of opportunities to help serve the members of God's family who will be worshiping together at His Feast.
We are looking for volunteers to present Feast of Tabernacles related inspiring messages.
Worship Services:
We are looking for volunteers to help serve the congregation with their musical gifts during the worship services.  We will be performing a mixture of contemporary music, praise & worship, and traditional hymns.  
Special Music:
Special music as an expression of worship during the regular service is inspiring and uplifting.  Those sharing their gift of music in this way need to bring their own accompaniment.
Other Service Opportunities:

If you would like to volunteer to help in other areas at the Feast this year please specify how or where you would like to share your gifts. We will share your desire with those currently heading up those areas.


Please use the appropriate form below to volunteer:

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