2016 FoT Messages

2016 FoT Messages

Below are the messages from this year's Feast of Tabernacles in St George, UT. Messages will be posted as they become available.

Parts of the Bible Study's may be hard to hear due to the nature of interaction and Q&A.

Messages that are available for download will be underlined and have a link associated with them. We will post them as we have them available after the Feast. Right click on the message and click save ("Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...") to save the message to your hard drive. If you click on the message, it will likely play in your browser if it is configured to do so.


 Day 1

Sermon - Joshua Gaffney (Slides)


Day 2

Bible Study - Todd Olsen

Teen Study - Tyler Marsh

Sermon - Bill Rollins


Day 3

Bible Study - Howard Naasz

Teen Study - Alan Gustafson

Sermon - Clay Umberfield


Day 4

Bible Study - Joshua Gaffney (Slides)

Sermon - Matt Gaffney


Day 5

Bible Study - Ron Cook

Teen Study - James Gardner

Sermon - Bill Rollins


Day 6

Bible Study - Cynthia Saladin

Sermon - Pete Maskell


Day 7

Bible Study - Matt Laws (Slides)

Teen Study - Todd Olsen

Sermon - Clay Umberfield


Day 8

Sermon - Matt Gaffney