2018 FoT Messages

2018 FoT Messages

Below are the messages from this year's Feast of Tabernacles in St George, UT. Messages will be posted as they become available.

Parts of the Bible Study's may be hard to hear due to the nature of interaction and Q&A.

Messages that are available for download will be underlined and have a link associated with them. We will post them as we have them available after the Feast. Right click on the message and click save ("Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...") to save the message to your hard drive. If you click on the message, it will likely play in your browser if it is configured to do so.


 Day 1

Sermon - Joshua Gaffney - Themes of the Feast of Tabernacles (Slides)

Day 2

Bible Study - Allen Turner - Tasting the Powers of the World to Come

Teen Study - Nate Rollins - Desire: What Do You Want? Why Do You Want It?

Sermon - John Bensinger - Israel's Destiny as Priests (Slides)


Day 3

Bible Study - Ron Cook - Mighty Tools for Endurance

Teen Study - Alan Gustafson - Knowledge vs Belief

Sermon - Matt Gaffney - A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Slides)


Day 5

Bible Study - Norm Edwards - The Millennium: Babysitting With Christ! (Slides)

Teen Study - Josh Gaffney - Parables of Hope and Warning

Sermon - John Bensinger - Sukkot And The Cloud of Glory (Slides)


Day 6

Bible Study - John Bensinger - The Book of the Covenant & The Book of the Law (Slides)

Teen Study - Jason Gaffney - The Foundation of Belief

Sermon - Matt Laws - Work Out Your Own Salvation (Slides)


Day 7

Bible Study - Charles Post - Judges and Priests

Teen Study - Steve Laws - Fear, Worry and Concern

Sermon - Tyler Marsh - Man In The Mirror


Day 8

Sermon - Matt Gaffney - A New Beginning (Slides)



Please Note: The views expressed in the presentations are those of the individual speakers and do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the Discipleship Church of God.